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27 December 2005 @ 05:46 pm
hoy en antigua,guatemala  
As we continue with our story, we see our hero trudging through the dusty cobblestone streets of an ancient city, the hot sun bearing down upon his head, sweat trickling slowly down his back. (scene exit to night-time, same street) Suddenly, under the pale yellow light of a lamp post, it happens. The vampire ninja bunnies attack--


Well, not exactly.

hiyas howdy all!

woot, so yesterday was a normal, grueling day of travel (4 1/2 hours to miami, 3 hours in the airport, 2 1/2 hours on the plane, 1 hour in the parking lot of the Guatemala City airport, and about 45 minutes to my abuela amalia's house in antigua)

so, it's all totally worth it

we're staying (as usual) in our tio tawy's house (weee i gets my own room!) it's beautiful and nice and very guatemalan...hehehe

i'm totally enjoying myself here

it's so excellent to be back (party on dudes...)

woke up after the best sleep i've had in a long while, had breakfast, and went on the terrible quest of taking a shower

...i'm not even kidding

the plumbing here is waaaay screwed up (always has been, and, i assume, always will be) the upstairs shower (only showers here, no baths, i'm cool with that) has no hot water what-so-ever and the downstairs shower is only hot water. i dont mean warm water, or pleasantly steamy, i mean SCALDINGLY HOT. so you have to take a shower (i found) in a very peculiar way consisting of maybe twelve quick series of on and off so you dont burn three layers of flesh off

ahhhhkay, the end of that part of my day

got dressed ect./etc./idontcare. and headed over to my abue's house. OOOH! i'm reading Anansi Boys, which is Neil Gaiman and tres amazing. so i read for a bit while my parents ate and my siblings/cousins proceeded to blow up the street. seriously, they're all fucking pyros! it's amazing

headed off to buy candies, came back, people were gone so we went to the park, found the people. dad took the kids to Pollo Campero (ask me about it later, very odd fast food) and me mum took me off to shop..he he he

very cool and swanky shops, but i swear antigua is such a tourist trap (more than it used to be) but it's the kind of trap that you get caught in and say 'oh, well, that's all right then'

much fun much fun, mum and i had lunch at this place, Cenicienta (Cinderella) which is this bodacious (too much Bill and Ted/Wayne's World, please forgive)cake and pastry place with way excellent cappuchinos and this kind of cake fresa con crema (strawberry and cream) which is sooooo delicious!! i had cake for lunch

went back to abue's, my cousins are back from their volcano climbing/camping experience (damn, i could've gone if i had come one day earlier!) but they're all at the park, so i dragged ana (younger-ish cousin) to a 'net cafe and used up lots of money on wasted internet time.

i kind of just realized that i only really update this thing while i'm traveling. good thing i travel a lot.

later, or, mas tarde or some other such retarded spanish phrase-ology.

baka green is blasting off again!

oh yea, by the by, i have not idea what the hell that thing was about 'our hero' at the beginning, for while this IS a (kind of) ancient city, and there IS lots of dust and the streets ARE made of cobblestones...um, i dunno, all the sugar got to me or something.

and it's not that hot.

kind of chilly actually, i'm wearing a sweater.


and no bunnies to speak of

or ninjas


cant say anything about those vampires though...
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Alexandraali_mikamura on December 28th, 2005 12:36 am (UTC)

Sounds like much fun! Merry Belated Christmas, dear!

emmie: slytherinconceited_jerk on December 30th, 2005 07:52 pm (UTC)
thanks darling, same to you